About Us
Document Destruction Services, a subsidiary of South Central Recycling, has been serving North Alabama since March of 1998.

Waste Paper Stock was incorporated in 1961 (7 years before the first Earth Day) by Julius Holtkamp. who had moved from

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Waste Paper Stock was a buyer/broker/packer of recyclable cardboard and all grades of scrap paper. The name was changed in 1979 to South Central Recycling, Inc. because the business had expanded into some non-ferrous metals, glass, and plastic. This business has served North Alabama for 38 years and built a modest trade by dealing with local businesses to cut disposal costs and recycle waste materials that might otherwise end up in the landfill. South Central Recycling has seen the recycling industry come of age and has watched public support for recycling grow by leaps and bounds into a full-blown industrial force.

Document Destruction Services was formed by John Barnett, grandson of Julius Holtkamp, in response to direct requests of customers. North Alabama businesses needed a service that would address the sensitive handling requirements of confidential paper and files while ultimately recycling the material. Mr. Barnett researched the subject extensively to find a way to provide a service that would maintain confidentiality, be convenient for the customer, and provide this service for less expense than the customer could shred and dispose of their material internally.

At DDS, we love what we do, because we are confident knowing that we provide a service that all types of businesses can benefit from and honestly need. Our customers like doing business with a locally owned and operated partner in the community. They enjoy the cost savings, feel good about recycling their office waste and helping the environment, and feel secure in knowing their material will be handled with professionalism. To find out how we can help you, call John Barnett anytime at 256.881.0528 or email from the contact page. From a small office with a few employees to a large corporation, DDS can help turn a frustrating chore into a source of pride.